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Preston Homes is a family-owned agency and is operated right here in Toledo, Ohio. We guarantee that every consumer will be treated as a member of our family. We stand by our quality services. Surrounding companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. We carry out a standard of living that focuses on respect, dignity, fairness and integrity to all individuals within our agency. We seek to establish and develop a culture of a therapeutic atmosphere which is customized to teach persons values, goals and lifestyles while implementing an effective and creative structure of safety and wellness. A commitment to quality care.

04232007001_75676183Preston Homes is a prestigious establishment in which we’d like to help people with developmental disablities to feel comfortable and relaxed in their journey to independence. Here, at Preston Homes, we are promoters of respecting yourself and others. Our staff is well trained and fully capable of making Preston Homes a family environment.

Our agency is devoted to developemental disabilities, mentally challenged adults and veterans. They will be able to attain their innermost freedom while learning skills to make them more self sufficient individuals. We offer safe environments where consumers can address there past issues and current issues.Here we initiate an innovative way of living for our consumers. Our goal is to create a comfortable home-like atmosphere for everyone within our agency.
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